Edamame $4.95

Blanched soy beans with sprinkled sea salt

Cashew Mango Salad $6.95

Green mango, red and green bell peppers mixed in a citrus dijon dressing topped with crushed cashews

Avocado Salad $6.95

Avocado, green lettuce, cucumber and alfalfa sprouts with a touch of spicy lime vinegrette

Kimchi $4.95

Spicy pickleling of nappa cabbage

Japanese Miso Soup $4.50

House made soy bean paste, soft tofu and seaweed

Wonton Soup $4.95

Chicken soup with wonton dumplings made with pork and shrimp

Tom Yum Soup  $6.95

Creamy sweet and sour coconut soup with jumbo shrimps, bamboo shoots and green onions


Deep Fried Vegetarian Spring Rolls $4.50


Shrimp Dumplings (HaiGow) $4.95


Pan Fried Chicken Dumplings $6.50


Pan Fried Vegetarian Dumplings $6.50

Wasabi Siu Mai $5.50

A four piece open top steamed dumpling with Japanese hot wasabi

Lemongrass Shrimp Purses $5.95

A four piece delicious shrimp and vegetable deep fried wraps

Seafood Rangoon $5.95


Japanese Chicken Wings $7.95

Grilled Skewers $5.95

Served with chili garlic fish sauce with your choice of:

  • AAA Beef Skewers

  • Juicy Pork Skewers

  •  Seasoned Shrimp Skewers

Taiwanese Baos  $6.95

Topped with pickled pepper rings and roman lettuce with your choice of

  • Braised Pork Belly

  • Pulled Braise AAA Beef

  • Beer Battered Crispy Chicken

  • Vegetarian Black Bean Beef and Avocado

French Fries $6.50


Sweet Potato Fries 7.50

Generous serving of rustic sweet potato fries


Vegetarian Popcorn “Chicken” Bites 8.95

Deep fried texturized vegetable protein that tastes just like chicken


The Meatless “Meatball” Pasta $14.95

Pasta tossed in a nicely seasoned tomato sauce with beefless meatballs

Vegan Jumbo “Shrimp” Pasta $16.95

Pasta tossed together with vegan shrimps in a tomato sauce (Regular Jumbo Shrimp Are Available)

Vegetarian Spare “Rib” Stir Fry $16.95

Asian flavoured stir fry with vegetarian spare ribs and broccoli  served with a side of steamed jasmine rice

Grilled Vermicelli $14.95

Thin vermicelli rice noodles with seasoned mixed green. Choice of pork or vegetarian spring roll and two toppings. Grilled pork, beef or shrimp

Vegetarian Fried “Chicken Drumstick” and Fries $15.95

A nice vegetarian meal with “chicken” and tasty salted fries, you can upgrade to sweet potato fries for $1.00

Drinks & Dessert

Coming soon!

Please ask your server for daily specials.